Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Beginning.

I'm about to depart on the biggest adventure of my life, where I'll spend 8 months living with a host family, taking Spanish classes, volunteering, traveling, and immersing myself in the vibrant culture of southern Spain. You could say that "the beginning" of my journey starts tomorrow, September 11th at 10:15am, in the Little Rock Airport. Or you could say that it began six months ago, when I mailed in my application to CIEE. But I think it started about ten years ago, when I discovered that I would rather watch Samantha Brown traipse around the world on the Travel Channel than watch cartoons. I've been fascinated with other cultures and places for as long as I can remember. You see, choosing to take this gap year wasn't an act of spontaneity or an attempt to put off college work. This journey has been in the making for many years. I've known I wanted to live abroad for as long as I can remember. I hope to use this year to get out of my Arkansas bubble, to open my eyes to other traditions and cultures, to really, truly see the world, and in turn, to learn more about myself.


Thank you to anyone and everyone who has sparked my love of traveling. Thank you best friends, for encouraging me to always be myself and for supporting me, even though it means we'll be very far apart this year. And mostly, thank you Mom and Dad, for letting me travel halfway around the world to conquer my enormous dreams. I'll update this blog regularly over the next year from Seville. Watch out Spain, I'm coming. 

Follow me on journey.
Love, Elizabeth 


  1. Eliz,

    Tell me more about what you are doing? For school; for fun; what else?

    Any problems with Spanish? Met new friends? The Food?

  2. Have you made any trips out of Seville? Have you seen most of Seville? Your Spanish family seems very nice..

    How is your Spanish going? I bet it is getting to be more of a habit. We really miss you and can't wait to see you again.




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